Digging Into Our Past

Built in 1903 and first occupied by Dominion Linen Mills in 1904. The linen factory, the only one in Canada had over 50 employees, primarily from Ireland and maintained operations at 101 Entrance Drive until 1912. It faced some financial hardship and when it received funding from the Town of Waterloo, it relocated its operations. The property sat vacant until 1917, when Mungo Park McKay, founder of Muskoka Foundry, purchased the property and expanded his foundry operations from its location at the Bracebridge Bay. The McKay family operated the Muskoka Foundry, casting metal parts for the timber industry and making signs, until early 1950’s, several years past the death of Mungo Park McKay.

The foundry sat vacant until 1961 when the property saw its 3rd owner, Bracebridge Manufacturing. It was then that the building went through a major transformation and renovation with the massive steel beams and new roofs. Ron Wilson, President, was the chief engineer and production lead that managed the construction and future business operations. Bracebridge Manufacturing owned the property until 1974 and produced large custom equipment mainly used in the mining and forestry industries having customers throughout North America.

The Foundry Today

Today, Muskoka Foundry is a one-of-a-kind 30,000 square foot Destination Landmark encompassing unique retail, craft foods market place, the Largest Smokehouse in Ontario and special events venue in world re-known Muskoka.

With its ceilings soaring 64 feet high, massive steel beams, brick walls and period glass windows, Muskoka Foundry is the home for an amazing ambiance blended with the most incredible Shopping, Dining & Entertainment.

Muskoka Foundry

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